SAP Enterprise Support

In a complex business world, most organizations can use a helping hand. At SAP, we believe that support should be much more than a help desk clearing tickets on a 24×7 basis. Support should enable you to meet your company goals. Building on collaboration, empowerment, innovation and value realization, plus mission-critical support, SAP Enterprise Support provides you with proactivity from day one to help ensure your business success.

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Tap into more than 40 years of support expertise and collaborate with a trusted advisor that is fully engaged with you to help you realize your objectives. You’ll get valuable guidance and benefit from a proactive engagement for running your business at peak performance.


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Build the skills that build value through the award winning SAP Enterprise Support Academy program that offers a wide range of services and educational content to empower your people to develop their skills and boost their knowledge.


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Innovation and Value Realization

In order to protect your investments and increase business agility, SAP Enterprise Support provides tools and services to help you unlock the business value of existing investments and quickly introduce new innovations.


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Mission Critical Support

Rely on increased business continuity and minimize the risk of business disruptions through 24×7 mission-critical support based on best-in-class service level agreements that get you the attention you need at the speed you expect.
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Countdown to Simple with SAP Enterprise Support

The digital economy is taking off, and customers everywhere want a new type of experience – one that is streamlined, that keeps technology invisible, and that makes life easier. Your IT team wants to help your company deliver these experiences with offerings such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud services. But first you need to overcome the challenge of complexity – which is where SAP Enterprise Support services can help.

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Driving Digital Transformation

The digital economy is real, and it’s here to stay. The convergence of five technology trends – hyperconnectivity, supercomputing, cloud computing, a smarter world based on business outcomes, and cybersecurity – has resulted in a digital economy with a staggering pace of change. The SAP Enterprise Support offering empowers you to master that change and realize value by providing you with tools, support, and education.

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SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps

SAP Enterprise Support value maps are a new, innovative approach to leverage the SAP Enterprise Support offering. They are tailored to providing guidance for selecting the right service out of the SAP Enterprise Support offering at the right time, for the individual customer situation and addressing the needs of the organization’s individual roles.

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Support Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy with SAP Enterprise Support

SAP offers a wide range of apps and technology to develop, connect, and managen your mobile business. Offering smooth integration with SAP software, our mobile solutions enable employees, customers, and partners to access business processes and data on the go and on any device.

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OTE Group

To best meet evolving customer expectations, OTE puts a premium on innovation. OTE’s SAP software landscape enables the company to implement new
solutions that capitalize on emerging technologies. Take, for example, enterprise mobility. In a part of the world where consumers have swiftly adopted
mobile technology in their personal lives, OTE wanted to go mobile itself. To make the transition, it relied on the SAP Enterprise Support offering delivered by the SAP Active Global Support organization.

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Scotts Miracle-Gro

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company counts on reports generated by SAP® software for running the business. When the business intelligence (BI) environment that creates these reports needed strengthening, the IT staff engaged help from the SAP Enterprise Support offerings. Together they dramatically improved performance and stability and reversed a negative impression of BI among users.

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From the small ideas that help transform processes to the big ideas that help transform markets, Bekaert keeps a watchful eye on new ways to improve and serve customers better. And this is why Bekaert runs SAP software.

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Go Live Smoothly, Achieve Business Value Quickly, and Drive Innovation

Operate in real time and gain in-depth insight into what your customers really want. The possibilities created by in-memory computing solutions such as the SAP HANA® platform are exciting.

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