SAP MaxAttention Success

Transform rapidly utilizing SAP public cloud solutions

SAP MaxAttention Success is designed for global companies who are transforming their business using SAP cloud technology. This bundle is the ultimate success plan for multinationals with an innovation agenda. It delivers strategic guidance through embedded adoption experts, personalized training, and the ultimate support quality.


Make sure your end users love SAP cloud solutions and support your business transformation


Rapidly generating and embracing business innovations is a necessity for today’s competitive organizations, and many are using SAP public cloud technology to deliver transformative results. The challenge is to ensure end-user adoption, which is the main cause of failure in cloud transformations. SAP MaxAttention Success, our ultimate customer success plan, focuses on helping transformation leaders to achieve end-user adoption and trust. It deploys multiple on-site public-cloud experts to focus on the organization’s transformational goals and provide a seamless experience cross-cloud and geographies. SAP MaxAttention delivers guidance for your public cloud solutions from securing the implementation through the entire lifetime of the subscription, ultimately ensuring end-user adoption.

SAP MaxAttention Success includes:

Success resources

Global customer success management coverage with one full-time, dedicated customer success manager plus up to two part-time designated customer success managers in selected geographies. Through data-driven approaches, best practice methodologies, and harnessing SAP resources, they perform continuous activities to remove technical and non-technical barriers to adoption.

Learning resources

Personalized learning and training plans delivered to end-users and administrators.

Advanced support

Top priority for incident handling and centralized management through success resources. The SAP Mission Control Center which knows your particular setup and mission-critical support as needed.

SAP MaxAttention Success customers also receive exclusive access to SAP product management as well as executive sponsorship.

SAP MaxAttention Success builds on top of the foundational SAP Enterprise Support and adds significant value from SAP Preferred Success.