SAP Enterprise Support Academy

The award-winning SAP Enterprise Support Academy empowers you to build up the knowledge and skills needed to fully maximize the benefit of the SAP software that runs your business.

Included at no additional cost as part of the SAP Enterprise Support agreement, the academy offers a dedicated platform with access to hundreds of assets covering SAP Enterprise Support, SAP Solution Manager, and the latest SAP innovations topics such as operations knowledge for SAP HANA®, cloud, and mobile solutions.

With flexible models for accessing and consuming content and services, the academy serves customers independent of expertise level and experience, as well as the lifecycle phases of their software. Select from self-study activities, live webinars, and multi-day expert-guided implementation sessions and build your individual learning plan.



Knowledge Transfer Tailored to Your Needs:

  • Comprehensive
    SAP Enterprise Support Academy serves as a single point of access for the services and educational content your people need to keep your business running smoothly and successfully. Through a dedicated portal, you’ll find a wide range of services and content that can help you master the details of the software that runs your business.
  • Individualized
    The best way to upskill your workforce is to deliver what’s right for them at the time they need it. This is why SAP Enterprise Support Academy operates on a just-in-time model rather than a just-in-case model. Users are empowered to identify and consume the content and services they want, when they’re ready.
  • Flexible
    The more ways your people can master content and access services – the better off you will be as an organization. This is why we offer the SAP Enterprise Support Academy mobile app that enables you to access the relevant information anytime and anywhere.

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The SAP Enterprise Support Academy is exclusively available for SAP Enterprise Support, SAP ActiveEmbedded & SAP MaxAttention customers. S-User login is required to access the academy.

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Value Maps for Maximum Support Impact

Navigate through the SAP Enterprise Support offerings and identify the right offerings at the right time based on your individual situation. Access the value maps delivered via the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program, provided as a fourth dimension and organized by customer challenges in addition to business roles, lifecycle phase, and delivery method.

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