SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps

SAP Enterprise Support value maps are a new, innovative approach to leverage the SAP Enterprise Support offering. They are tailored to providing guidance for selecting the right service out of the SAP Enterprise Support offering at the right time, for the individual customer situation and addressing the needs of the organization’s individual roles.

SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps:
The best way to get the maximum impact

  • Exchange and get connected with SAP experts and interested customers
  • Fast, simpler, and more transparent identification through user-friendly procedure and clear execution plan
  • Centralized access point to all relevant and additional offerings
  • Time savings in case of critical situations including investment decisions at any time

“We were planning an SAP archiving initiative and needed a cost-effective approach that utilized our annual maintenance investment. The SAP Enterprise Support value map for data-volume management service allowed us to choose the right SAP Enterprise Support offerings, provide feedback for improvement, and more effectively engage SAP Active Global Support. We have reduced our efforts to do these tasks by at least 50%.”

– Paul Forrester, Florida Department of Revenue

“We wanted to reduce the data volume in our SAP systems and took advantage of SAP´s data volume management value maps as recommended by the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Center. As part of the project, SAP Solution Manager has become our main platform to manage our SAP IT infrastructure, which enables us to proactively and continuously manage the affected resources. After applying the recommendations received, we saved 1000 GB in SAP ERP, SAP BW, and SAP CRM, and reduced the monthly data growth in SAP ERP by about 25 GB.”

– Diego Gómez, CIO, Carsa S.A.

“To ensure a successful financial system migration from Oracle to SAP, we planned a data archiving project on our SAP ERP 6.0 system. So we participated in the pilot program for value maps in data volume management within SAP Enterprise Support. The value maps empowered us with various services, and we experienced a systematic approach to analyze our data growth and distribution using SAP Solution Manager 7.1. As a result, we reduced our project efforts by about 30%, and upon the completion of the project we expect a further reduction by at least 50%.”

– Ms. Zhang Yan, Deputy Director of NTUC Fairprice Co-Operative Ltd

“The data growth on our SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 system was increasing at an average of 40 GB per month, and the database size had reached 950 GB. With the guidance of our SAP Enterprise Support advisor, we chose the data volume management strategy service. After implementing the recommendations from the service, we managed to reduce our database size by 80%. We are happy with this unexpected result achieved by SAP’s recommendation, which not only saved us 850 GB of storage space, but also improved our overall system performance.”

– Maozhen Yu, China National Biotec Co., Ltd

“The biggest benefit I have gotten from the Security value map pilot has been this huge new reservoir of accurate resources. If I send a question to my advisor that he/she does not know, the advisor turns and refers the question to someone who does. I was happy to experience the meet the expert sessions and advise from the advisors. It was a great opportunity to get feedback from the experts in Germany, which has been difficult task in the past. With the current delivery format, the support is more personable. It feels like I have my own SAP contact that I can count on to point me in the right direction.”

– Vincent McCoy, Fulton County Schools

“As part of our support engagement, we took advantage of the SAP Enterprise Support value map for monitoring and alerting, which significantly accelerated our project. After attending several SAP Enterprise Support Academy meet the expert sessions, collaborating peer-to-peer on SAP JAM, and benefiting of the expert-on-demand service, we reduced the time spent researching and analyzing issues by at least 30%. We will continue to utilize and support the SAP Enterprise Support value map concept.”

– Rick Scibek, North Carolina Department of Transportation


SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps Approach

From Experts to Experts.

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SAP Enterprise Support value maps provide a fourth access dimension and are organized by customer objectives, in addition to business roles, life-cycle phase, and delivery method.

Value Maps for Maximum Support Impact

Like a navigation system, our value maps help you identify the relevant support offerings out of the more than 1,100+ services and numerous tools and methodologies provided as part of SAP Enterprise Support.

Collaborate with SAP Experts and Other Customers

As part of the community, customers can ask questions and have open discussions which will be moderated from functional
SAP Enterprise Support focus advisors.

Let’s talk about Value Maps [SCN Blog]

“Maps are essential”, says author Mark Jennings, “Planning a journey without a map is like building a house without drawings”.
This analogy is equally true when it comes to planning and managing your IT solution.

SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps

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